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Mary Meixell

Mary J Meixell

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Senior Associate Dean for the School of Business
Professor of Management and Industrial Engineering


BS, Pennsylvania State University
MS, University of Virginia
MS, Massachusetts Institute Technology
PhD, Lehigh University
Areas of expertise

Management Education and Development
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management

Decision Making for Business Operations

Fall 2020


School of Business

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(203) 582-5206

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Dr. Mary J. Meixell is Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Management in the School of Business, with a joint appointment as Professor of Industrial Engineering in the School of Engineering. Dr. Meixell brings over ten years of industry experience in logistics and supply chain management from the automotive and telecommunications industries. Her teaching includes undergraduate and graduate courses in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Project Management. Dr. Meixell’s disciplinary research addresses key issues in supply chain design, supplier partnerships, and adoption of sustainability in the operation of the firm.